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Does anyone remember how it was in the beginning? I mean, when the original Half-Life came out back in October of 1998, the engine was quite crude, and it was made to be a bare bones engine. It was in constant development, and almost any game would require constant rework and editing. Valve changed this approach a few months ago. Instead of a bare bones engine, they provided tools and a framework to build their games in and gave us the tools to turn their games into amazing games. This was made possible because of the Source engine, and it was built around the core elements of the Half-Life engine. Today I’m going to make this engine and these core elements, and rebuild it to be completely different than it was before.

This will be a remastered version of Half-Life. All the engine code will be converted to C#. The whole game will be rewritten. The asset pipeline will be completely revamped. My goal is to make a game that will be as good or even better than the original Half-Life. I’ve got some videos to show you the progress I’ve made so far and some rough in-game screenshots.

All we have is a blank screen for now. Let’s get started!

First Step: Start Using Source Engine

First we need to make sure that everything is working. I’ve started using Source SDK, and it’s great. It’s the easiest way to start making a game. The source SDK lets you look at how a lot of games are made. It will show you how the enemy models, projectiles, animations, sound, and others are created. If you have an old project and want to convert it to C#, this is the best way to start.

2nd Step: Rendering

I’m going to show you a little bit about renderers, the two of the most important things to know about. The renderers are:

For small games, and most stuff you make in Source SDK, you only need the default renderer. It’s not that much slower than the D3D renderer, but it’s easier to use.

D3D is a renderer from Microsoft. It’s the most powerful renderer but it’s a bit more complicated to use. In D3D, you need to make your own lights and models and have a lot of knowledge of OpenGL and DirectX programming.

3rd Step: Game Logic

This is the place where most

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KEYMACRO for Windows provides a professional-level macro recording and editing environment. Using KEYMACRO you can easily record keyboard actions with powerful and easy to use commands, and save them to.mak files.
The application works with the modern Windows operating system and is able to capture any combination of keyboard actions or hotkeys.
KEYMACRO has a menu-driven interface. All keystrokes are recorded in real time and can be viewed later by clicking on the Recorder Window, and then saved to a.mak file by clicking on the recording button.
– Recording and editing of any combination of keystrokes
– Display of captured sequences in a list
– Control of the recording process from the Menu
– Support of both global and per-program keys
– User Interface and Layout options
– Capacity to view the capture in both fullscreen and windowed mode
– A detailed User Manual included
1. Install the application on the computer where the keyboard will be used.
2. Switch off the keyboard to be recorded.
3. Start the program and then click on “Record Keyboard” to start the recording.
4. To stop the recording press the “Stop” button on the keyboard.
5. Click on the window to display the recorded sequences in a window, or click on the Recorder Window icon on the toolbar.
6. To save the sequences, click on the recording button, then choose the directory where the files should be saved.
7. After the recording, click on the “Stop” button on the keyboard to end the recording.
8. The recorded sequences can be saved in the.mak format.
9. The captured sequences are stored in the default directory named “KEYMACRO”, and can be moved to any location by dragging them.
10. To remove a sequence, drag it to the recycle bin.
11. To view the keyboard status, click on the keyboard icon on the toolbar.
12. To display the capture window, click on the Capture window icon on the toolbar.
13. To remove a capture window, click on the red X button, then click on the Capture window icon on the toolbar.
14. To display the user manual, click on the User Manual icon on the toolbar.
Other features:
– Support for capture sequences with any key combination
– Support for shortcut keys
– Hotkey modifiers
– Viewing the captured sequences in list or in window

CD Install

CD Install is a package that includes a universal shell program designed to create CD installations and a visual installation designer CD Designer.
This product is necessary for those who record CDs and want to use a convinient installation shell for quick access to the products on the CD.
CD Install is also capable of easilyrepresenting all of your CD contents high-professionally in a way you like, because it’s interface is fully customizable and functions are easy to use.
The CD Install package also includes three ready-to-use skins: Windows-style skin, Delhpi-style skin and popular Half-Life-style skin. They are all designed to use with a High Color (or better) graphics card, preferably with a sound card.
CD Install powers any CD by providing it with a handy tool that facilitates navigation, familiarization and access to the products stored on the CD.
Multilanguage support, skin-based interface, and categorized representation of a CD’s contents are the main advantages of the CD Install
■ 14-days trial

■ A CD creator that creates multi-session CDs (CDs with multiple programs) that can be run using media like DVD, CD or USB hard drive.
■ Includes a Windows-style skin, Delphi skin and Half-Life skin.
CDruster is an easy to use program that can create multi-session CDs (CDs with multiple programs).
CDruster allows you to create single or multi-session CDs that can be run using a DVD, CD or USB hard drive.
You can run the created CDs using any player that supports multi-session CDs.
CDruster can also create single and multi-session bootable CDs.
You can choose to create CDs that do not require a reboot, or install CDs that require a reboot.
The created CDs can have multiple languages or country.
CDruster includes a Windows-style skin, Delphi skin and Half-Life skin.
■ 14-days trial
■ Requires a 10-hours-a-day installation

■ Create any amount of sessions
■ Create any amount of CDs (Sessions)
■ Create any amount of brands and labels for your CDs
■ Create any amount of boxes for your CDs
■ Create any amount of CDs per session
■ Create any amount of categories

What’s New In?

System Requirements For CD Install:

Windows XP or later (32 or 64-bit)
HDD: 700 MB
Mouse and Keyboard
Mac OS X 10.3 or later (32 or 64-bit)
Apple iOS 8 or later (32 or 64-bit)
RAM: 512 MB