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I’ve probably said this before, but drums are probably the most important instrument in most genres of electronic music. Drums make up the structure of a song, and they usually tell the crowd exactly how to move. It’s not important only to have powerful drums with many added parameters that make them louder and harsher, but also to have them arranged in a pattern that people find engaging.
If you’re looking for a virtual synth to help you with this process, then you should also consider Boom.
A simple drum machine
Now, the name of this plugin may be a bit deceiving, because as I’ve already suggested, this is tool for creating drum patterns, not for adding loudness and distortion parameters that will make them go “boom”. Boom’s interface is actually designed to imitate vintage drum machines, and it would be a good time to mention that the plugin also has quite a few limitations that you’d expect from an old school tool.
However, that’s not necessarily a downside. Boom’s interface may seem simplistic when compared to other plugins, but it’s also very easy to use, and will thus allow you to focus more on the task of creating an engaging drum pattern.
A few interesting features
As soon as you open Boom, you can start creating beats by using the pattern sequencer. You have ten instrument channels, each for a different drum sound (kick, snare, clap, hi-hat, etc.), and also ten drum racks to choose from. The best part is that you can combine sounds from different racks in order to create original patterns.
Each drum channel has four parameters: pan, level, tune, and decay. Also, for each drum, you have three levels of velocity that you can use to make your beat sound more natural. You can also adjust swing and dynamics, but also play explore the possibilities of the 50 presets.
While Boom isn’t a very advanced plugin, it can be extremely useful for producers who wish to design their drums meticulously.









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Yves Roig and Dominic Sullivan have designed a versatile drum machine that’s meant to be used with ease and added to existing tracks, but also designed to help you capture the feel of a vintage drum machine. It may sound like a very limited tool, but the truth is that it has almost infinite possibilities.
You can record patterns, play from the sequence, tweak the volume settings, and everything else in a very basic and classic manner. It’s not as precise as some of the other drum machines out there, but it won’t get in the way of how you want to structure your beats.

Sonus Faber has released another update for its Axiom Electron monosynth. The update features a new Chameleon expansion patch.
New Chameleon Sound Design
The Axiom Electron Monosynth has been very active over the past few years, and one of the most important changes in the latest update is the new chameleon voice, named Chameleon, which can be triggered by a number of controls.
The new voice offers more expressive sounds, from whole new sections of the chromatic scale to several different octaves of varying pitches.
The new expansion patch, Chameleon, adds a new section to the collection of four expansion patches. In total, Chameleon can create 25 different sounds, including various scale fragments and chords.
New MCP88 Sequencer
The MCP88 is the most basic MIDI sequencer, and the newest release adds a number of new features that will make it more user-friendly. The sequencer can now sync to a tempo without losing any of its previous functionality, and a new “Behavior” section allows you to sync the sequencer to more than one MIDI track.
You can also create a new part in the sequencer, change the velocity curve for the channels, and edit the counter and start/stop points, among others.
In addition, the controls for importing and exporting MIDI files have also been improved.
Update Info
Updates to the Axiom Electron are released regularly, and some of the most important new features in the latest update include:

With the vST3.1 update now out, Logic users can rest assured that the upcoming Logic 2017 release will provide comprehensive support for these plugins. I have a feeling that if you are using these plugins, you’ll find a lot of new features they will appreciate. (Click here for more

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Boom is a drum machine instrument for Ableton Live that serves as an inspiration for those trying to learn how to program modern electronic music. It’s a very basic drum synthesizer with lots of presets and a simple interface.
Boom brings the greatest simplicity and all of the most useful sounds and effects (drum rack, kick, snare, clap, etc.). Its interface is made of three buttons; a plus symbol, a trashcan, and a button that matches the letter of the drum channel.
Boom is quite simple to use because it uses presets and not user-programmed patterns, which makes it easy to create drum patterns and compositions. It’s also a very versatile drum synthesizer because of its many different sounds and drum racks that can be selected.
Up next will be Part II, where we’ll talk about generating beats in Boom by using the Drum Rack.
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Boom is a simple drum machine that allows you to create your own original drum patterns. It includes a series of different drum racks, but each rack can also be combined with other racks to create new patterns.

This is a classic synth with a modern twist!
With the addition of the new, high-performance Reaktor 6 core, all of Kontakt’s features have been updated with one goal in mind: enhance your experience.
Reaktor 6 enables you to layer multiple sound sources from the classics to new, cutting-edge instruments, both to better understand and extend the endless sonic possibilities of the synthesizer and to better craft your own creations.
Kontakt Player: use a Kontakt-based workflow or take advantage of the new Reaktor Player, which features a fast, streamlined editing interface designed specifically for the “new Kontakt”.
Presets: an in-depth, web-based preset browser and editor make it easy to find any preset sound you’re looking for. Plus, you can tweak the presets to perfectly match your personal sound.
All new core: 3 cores have been added to Reaktor 6. Reaktor 6 includes new, high-performance core engines that have been carefully designed for real world performance.
Effects: in addition to the classic effects of filter, delay, and distortion, we’ve added several powerful new effects.
New sounds: new resonant, enveloped sounds, inspired by the sounds of the magnificent analog synths of the 1970’s.
Multiple instrument synthesis: have you always wanted to create an instrument and break free from the limitations of a traditional keyboard? Reaktor 6 lets you do it!
Branching: with Reaktor 6’s branching technology, you can create incredible sounds by placing instruments inside each other.

Price: 12$

Language: English, English.

Keyboard: Kontakt.

PMA-2: BPM is a multitimbral step sequencer and virtual synthesizer that enables you to compose, arrange, mix, and record your music.
Intuitive two-color interface
Brilliant interface featuring always-visible buttons and knobs
Easily sync to your favorite host sequencer
Customizable sequence length (up to 32 steps)
Dedicated step sequence bpm editing window

What’s New in the Boom?

?Download Boom for free today
#1 Drum Sequencer, Drum racks and hi-hat rack,
#2 Presets,
#3 X/Y pad for dynamic beat
#4 Delay
#5 Special FX & Reverb
#6 8 Instrument Channels/Racks/Sections
#7 16 Drum Racks
#8 Customizable colour scheme
#9 MIDI learn
#10 MIDI clock sync
• 24/96/48 khz 16/44.1/80 rate mono or stereo per channel.
• Unique progression with volume envelopes for each sound.
• Optional expand for each sound per channel.
• 15 beats per track (beatp), each with two musical phrases.
• Re-play beatp when playing with the keyboard, or MIDI clock sync.
• 8 different styles to choose from.
• Eight unique drum patterns.
• Six different rhythmic percussive patterns.
• Control tempo.
• Pitch and tempo can be controlled by MIDI clock sync.
• Single or multi-finger tuning.
• Customizable trigger width and intensity for each sound.
• Volume envelopes for each instrument per channel
• Settings for combining and sequencing multiple instruments.
• Sort to quick access.
• Random access for repeat pattern for each instrument.
• Freeze/unfreeze for each instrument per pattern.
• Randomize beats per track.
• Randomize patterns per track.
• Randomize instruments per pattern.
• Narrow tempo for each pattern
• Stacks for each sound per channel.
• Channels can be re-ordered.
• Customizable length of each cycle per track.
• Customizable range for each instrument per channel.
• Optional envelopes for each instrument per channel.
• 5 pre-set pattern types.
• Play music and midi files, midi pattern and pattern cycles.
• Play multiple patterns per track.
• Re-play entire track, midi pattern or single cycle.
• Customizable start and end of the track.
• Customize tempo of any track.
• Expand/contract the currently active pattern for each instrument.
• Tempo – sync to many devices.
• X/Y pads for each cycle.
• Edit midi file.
• Save presets and project for later.
• Export preset for all projects
• Transfer midi file to the program.

System Requirements:

Game requires an XBOX 360 game disc to play.
Discs for original release of “Infinity” are not included with the game, you can purchase them at GameStop, Amazon or at the Microsoft Store.
Game must be purchased in the U.S. only.
A multiplayer disc may be required.
Play through on the “Infinity” disc with the game connected to a TV using the HDMI cable and wireless controller.
Optional DLC includes:
Soldier’s Story Pack : This package is available