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The clock for everyone
Put a big analogue clock on your screen, regardless of where you are. Small size and a simple interface enable you to read time and set alarms easily.
Powerful customization options
Enjoy a completely customizable clock. For instance, it can display hours, minutes, and AM/PM. It can run on Windows startup, and you can also hide a red hand in the clock’s display. Also, you can use custom sounds to set alarms.
Advanced configuration options
Use shortcuts for the clock to configure how it behaves, such as being on or off at Windows startup, or enable one-time or recurring alarms.
Special window positioning
It supports four different positions: right top, right bottom, left top, and left bottom. Just drag the window to the desired position.
Powerful alarms
Big Clock Pro is also an alarm program with a huge number of useful features. For instance, it allows you to play a custom sound file, or run a custom program (EXE, COM, WAV). Also, it supports a standby or hibernate state.

Big Clock Pro is a small desktop enhancement program designed specifically for helping you place a big analogue clock on our screen, while offering support for several customization options.

Clean looks

You are welcomed by a simple analogue clock that allows you to read the time very easily thanks to its large display. An online help manual is also available in case you want to find out extra details about the configuration settings.

You can access the program’s tweaking parameters by right-clicking directly in the clock’s interface or via the system tray.

Clock customization options

Big Clock Pro offers you the freedom to change the looks of the analogue clock using different skins (e.g. black, blue, green) and keep the clock in one of the preset positions (top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left) or manually drag and drop the main window to the preferred screen position.

Tests have shown that the application is not a resource hog so you do not have to worry that it affects the performance of your computer. You may keep it running in the background.

General configuration settings and alarm setup options

You are given the possibility to run the tool at Windows startup, show or hide a red hand in/from the clock’s display, reveal or conceal AM/PM values, enable hourly beep sound notifications, tell hours, as well as

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What’s New in the Big Clock Pro?

Xclock is an extremely lightweight, elegant, and extremely customizable digital clock for X11. It is based on scalable fonts and features an extremely customizable user interface. It works in a variety of environments including GNOME, KDE, Windowmaker, and many others.
What does it do?
To run it, first run xclock. Then, you can add whatever location is specified in the ~/.xclockrc file. The clock can be viewed in any window manager that supports GTK or Xft. Xclock can be configured using either the ~/.xclockrc file or the command line. The command line options allow for a wider variety of color options.
– Widgetized Clock.
– Configuration file (.rc) support.
– 1-time alarms and recurring alarms.
– Keyboard shortcuts.
– Geolocation support.
– Support for custom sounds.
– Daily, weekly, and monthly summaries.
– Suppresses the message window on the local machine.
– Integration with the following X Window environments: GNOME, KDE, Windowmaker, Fluxbox, Enlightenment, and others.
– Adaptive scaling (prefers light-weight fonts)
– Stand-alone package (works in Mandriva and Mepis).
This package is provided by the xclock project. However, it does not come with any source code. It can be compiled and installed on any platform from source, or via packages.
Run the xclock program. You can also create your own configuration file by running the program without any options, and then editing the ~/.xclockrc file.
You can also use xclock with command line configuration. See your documentation for the command line parameters.

The C/C++ compiler delivers the best performance in terms of speed and optimization capability, thanks to its multithread capabilities. The compiler supports many hardware platforms, but the Intel x86 ISA is the most popular platform. You can use GCC with the default options, or you can create custom compilation scripts or just use the Gnu C Compiler (gcc) and pass the –enable-targets=all (Ubuntu 7.10) option when invoking the compiler. To obtain additional compiler options, you can set the CC environment variable to the desired gcc version (e.g. CC=gcc-4.1).
Distributions with their standard configuration tools already provide you with a gcc compiler for your system. But if you want to compile your code on an other platform, for example, Power PC, the following table contains an overview of various gcc version, release dates, OS support, processor support, and download resources.
Gcc version Release date OS support Processor support Download URL
8.0.0 (Linux only) / November 2005 Linux x86, 64-bit

System Requirements For Big Clock Pro:

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