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Another legal download site with a simple layout with a smooth download process. It’s the perfect site for newbies who are not familiar with the torrents and the sites around it. The main goal of their site is to provide the best torrents to their users and nothing more. So if you are looking for something different and legal, this is the perfect place to go. A lot of users have rated Torrentz at 4.9 out of 5.

As the name suggests, it doesn’t have tons of software available, but what it has is pretty good. It is backed by an enterprise of more than 600 server locations. It has excellent ratings and has been around since 2004.

Like Torrentz and 1337x, Zemlr is one of those lesser known torrent sites around. But what makes this site popular is the fact that it has partnered with various content providers to ensure that its users get a wide variety of torrents. It also has a handy search box on the top to find your desired torrent.

Although BitSnoop lacks a ton of the Torrents available on some of the other sites we reviewed in this article, it does offer a ton of good software for free. It is famous for being the source of many great games for all the major consoles. This alone makes it one of the best places to find a cracked copy of the game. And this is only one of the many cool features you can find here. The first time you visit BitSnoop, you’ll see a big box at the top right corner asking you if you’d like to donate. Do not worry, this is not mandatory. It’s just a way for the website to help you experience the good ol’ internet.

This is the most user friendly and easy to navigate website on the list. Also they work with multiple torrents and cloud hosting servers. They are probably the best torrents aggregator online. It should be the first torrent website you check out when you’re searching for free software.