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Don’t give away an inch, the world is watching!

It’s not often we get to show off special effects in their own arena. This is the first time that has happened in the Melbourne Cup.

Relatively small, but made for all those who want to experience the race, magic and moments on our stadium’s field of play. The audience is always the toughest part of a race. No matter how much or little you know you want to know about horses, past, present and future, race results, media, cameras, horses, jockeys.

All those important things are handled for you by the time you sit, relax and watch from the comfort of your seats.

All the stars of Hollywood are represented in a large screen, as are the own horses and jockeys. It would be difficult to imagine a more charismatic opponent, than Nature, who is the winner of the Melbourne Cup.

Nature’s clock of being “the best” will be on constant display for the next twelve months. Nature is a horse well-suited for the track for he has a good turn of foot and a long stride. He’s been running almost as long as I’ve been alive.

“I like his style and I like his coat,” says jockey Jason Roberts. “He’s had a little trouble with the weather but this race suits him. He is a bit more tucked away at the moment. He used to be a lot more open.”

“He’s a little bit nervous at this time of year,” his trainer Peter Moody tells us. “He’s a real button-up type of horse, but he likes the conditions, the race is a big event and when he gets the opportunity I think he’ll do well.”

“When he first started out he was a bit more sure-footed around the track but he’s had a few problems with his hooves so he’s back to old school today. It’s in his interests to be little and sneaky.”

After years of experience it’s safe to say that you’ll see nothing but runners

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