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Part 1 – Intro

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Watch the video: How to Start Using AutoCAD

Part 2 – Start Using AutoCAD

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Part 3 – Expert AutoCAD Tips and Tricks

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AutoCAD Tip

AutoCAD Tips and Tricks. Click here to read and watch this AutoCAD tip.

Visit the Training Center

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AutoCAD LT allows customization using Visual LISP (VLISP). Each object in a drawing may be assigned a Visual LISP macro to perform a variety of actions upon that object. Macros can also be embedded within symbols to make them a ‘dynamic object’. To automate tasks, Visual LISP can be used to run programs, import data or perform complex calculations to generate new objects, modify existing objects, and link, move or group objects.

AutoLISP (also known as Autolisp or AutoLisp) is a language based on visual Lisp syntax.

AutoLisp can be used to develop or customize AutoCAD files. It has been the most widely used language for customization due to its simplicity, for example, it has no memory and state management like other languages (for example, Lisp) and can run in real-time. The newest versions of AutoLisp have additional features such as a C-like operator precedence and grouping.

AutoLisp is developed and maintained by Lucas Harmon. A website for AutoLisp documents and information can be found at

AutoLISP is widely used in the Autodesk Exchange Apps.

Exported file formats
AutoCAD also supports many file formats for use with other CAD packages. One is STEP, the standard file format for 3D solid modeling. STEP is a standard published by the ISO as ISO 10360-2:2006.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some of the advantages of AutoCAD include:


AutoCAD is an integrated software product. Unlike traditional CAD applications that are spread over multiple screens, its functionality is completely integrated in the single application.

AutoCAD can be easily started up and it is not very slow.

Many people find that it is intuitive to learn AutoCAD compared with other CAD software. AutoCAD has one of the easiest user interfaces (UI) of all CAD applications.

Some of the disadvantages of AutoCAD include:

The cost of AutoCAD compared to other CAD applications can be quite high.

Unlike other CAD applications, the ‘User Price’ of AutoCAD may seem high to some businesses, especially in countries where government subsidies are available. However, it

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## 4. **Select the version of patch**

In the Version list, select the version you want to install (see Figure 11-14). To be safe, select the last version available (in this case, patch v4.0.0.22270) in the upper right corner of the Patch Wizard screen.

**Figure 11-14** Patch Wizard screen

What’s New In AutoCAD?

We’re working on importing feedback from these media types:

Excel: Export and then import your excel or CSV file as a graph, including the drawings, dimensions, fields, and more (video: 1:16 min.)

PDF: Export and then import your PDF file as a graph, including the drawings, dimensions, fields, and more (video: 1:16 min.)

For feedback that cannot be imported, including hand-drawn sketches and in-progress designs, the Markup Assistant tool can be used to record your feedback as text, and then incorporate that text into the drawing.

When importing feedback, we automatically start a new drawing with a new date stamp to indicate a new design iteration.

Import the drawing as a template

Import a drawing that you have exported as a template from your storage location or a custom location (e.g., your Dropbox or OneDrive) to make it available for use as a template.

The new Export Template dialog box is available for right-clicking on a drawing and choosing “Export template.”

Customize the template’s appearance with the new Customize Template dialog box.

The new Print Preview tool will let you preview the newly imported drawing in your web browser, before printing it.

Schedule tasks for AutoCAD:

Easily set up and manage multiple tasks and plans that are triggered when you are working in AutoCAD. (video: 1:30 min.)

Add multiple events in an appointment, and activate them all at once by clicking once on the calendar icon in the status bar or by clicking the action you want to activate on the Ribbon.

Programming Language Enhancements:


Available in AutoCAD 2020, the Translator command-line tool helps you automatically translate text from one language to another.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

There are now improved keyboard shortcuts for entering and exiting the grips and snapping.

Fully-integrated UCS

The new UCS system in AutoCAD provides a full-featured 3D UCS. UCS is available for 2D drawings (including layouts and floor plans) as well as 3D drawings.

2D AutoCAD drawings include UCS options for 2D floor plans, column, column symbol, and lines.

3D AutoCAD drawings include UCS options for 3D floor plans, walls

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Please run the executable using Wine, as it is needed to run our games.
Windows 10 Home or Pro (build 17134)
macOS Mojave or Catalina (build 10.14.4)
DirectX 9
Intel HD 4000 GPU or greater
Windows 10 Home or Pro (build 17134) macOS Mojave or Catalina (build 10.14.4) DirectX 9 Intel HD 4000 GPU or greater
Known Issues:
1. Performance may vary between the listed specs due to the