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AutoCAD 2018 (version 20)

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AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. ©2018 Autodesk, Inc.

According to the official press release, Autodesk (a.k.a. Autodesk) has introduced AutoCAD 2018. The new software package offers new cloud and mobile capabilities and new 3D capabilities that “connect” users, tools, data, and processes.

New Features in AutoCAD 2018

3D capabilities. New features were added to the 3D space, which enable user-defined entities and creation of 3D views of drawings or 3D models. These new features also enable companies to create 3D printed models and parts in AutoCAD and to use them in Autodesk Fusion 360.

Improved command of the 3D space. AutoCAD 2018 includes enhancements to the desktop workspace and to command functions for 3D drawing, such as 3D rotations, automatic viewports, and viewport customization.

Extended drawing capabilities. AutoCAD 2018 includes the ability to edit and apply trim, mirror, and move commands to surfaces in polylines, polylines, splines, and polysolids. The new lasso-select command enables users to select surfaces and edges of solids and freeform surfaces.

Extended profile text capability. AutoCAD 2018 enables users to format profile text in column and row based styles. The new Export Profile Text command saves formatted profile text as an ARF file, with the result that users can import the text into other AutoCAD applications.

Enhanced grid text capability. AutoCAD 2018 enables the addition of text to grids and the modification of text in grids.

Enhanced axis capability. AutoCAD 2018 includes enhancements to axis definitions, which users can customize for tools, processes, and data.

Improved parametric equation and graphic equation capability. AutoCAD 2018 offers new parametric and graphic equation tools.

Extended option for blocking. New options were added to the Blocking option, which enables users to hide, show, and manage objects. Users can now use the new Lock and Block button to hide blocks or geometries and toggle the visibility of objects with the same button. The Hide option now has an option to hide the drawing instead of hiding the object.

Enhanced document and drawing management. Users can now manage drawing properties from the Document

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Graphical Interfaces

AutoCAD creates a GDI-based user interface (GUI), including toolbars, menus, rulers and the 3D ribbon. It also provides an ODBC driver that allows a native database system to access the database, and an API that is compatible with other products. AutoCAD has a scripting language called AutoLISP that allows the programmer to create custom commands and tools. It has a visual LISP that allows users to create custom 3D and 2D visualizations and animations.

Most 3D and 2D tools are accessible through a button on the 3D ribbon. This ribbon also allows users to switch between the 3D and 2D perspectives of the current view (although the user cannot switch from 3D to 2D at this time, but can do so with the 3D view options). The command “View Options” lets the user configure and control the view with settings that affect how layers are displayed. The command “Object Palettes” allows a user to set an active palette of objects (categories) to which commands apply. It can be helpful to set up a specialized palette to help make sense of all the menus and toolbars.

The Command tab allows users to configure and launch a number of options and tasks. In addition, on the AutoCAD Ribbon options (other than the Goto command) can be configured by right-clicking on a button (or a tab). Options include:
3D Navigation
Basic Navigation
X-Ray Navigation
File & Forms
Text & Clipart
Page Setup
View 3D and 2D

The Edit tab is used to configure the “Edit” commands. This includes:
Command Properties
Command Recorder

The Options tab is used to configure the following:
Active 3D Object Palette
3D Clipboard
2D Layers
2D/3D Properties
3D Properties
3D Tools
Support for Microsoft Windows platforms

The User tab is used to configure default settings for users and create profiles.

The User/Creation tab allows users to configure their home directory, which includes the default scale and preferences for the application (including the setting for what units are used for measurements). Also included are settings for the default location of all objects in the drawing (for example, whether the objects are created in a specific drawing or general office folder), default sizes

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How to extend Vala typing with generics?

When writing Vala, I would like to have extension types which can have generic parameters. The following doesn’t compile (error: KeyError: Invalid type parameter):
public class Tuple {
public E item1;
public E item2;

public class Tuple extends Tuple {
public K key;

Note that I would like to keep the Tuple class as a base class and not use it as a template type.


In general, it is not possible to extend a generic type.
As a workaround, you can use reflection to access the generic parameters of a generic class.
For example:
public class Tuple {
public E item1;
public E item2;

public class Tuple extends Tuple {
public K key;

public static void create_with_generic_params(Vala.TypeChecker tc, Vala.Type class_of, Tuple tuple, Vala.Type[] generic_params) {
K generic_k = generic_params[0];
E generic_e = generic_params[1];
create_with_generic_params(tc, class_of, tuple, generic_k, generic_e);

private static void create_with_generic_params(Vala.TypeChecker tc, Vala.Type class_of, Tuple tuple, K generic_k, E generic_e) {

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Update, Replay, and Edit:

Streamline your project lifecycle with the updated project and document editing features, from creating and managing projects to updating existing projects. You can now preview your updates right inside the project. And if you’re working on a separate project from your main document, you can edit it, just like a regular document. (video: 4:50 min.)

Progressive Drawings:

Respond to customer feedback and design ideas in real-time. You can create the first draft of a drawing with an instant preview and receive feedback while creating the drawing. As you adjust and build on that feedback, you can streamline your work without losing your original design intent. (video: 3:20 min.)

Collaborative Drawing:

You can collaborate on drawings with the latest release of AutoCAD, helping you create products faster, and improving your workflow, so you spend less time re-drawing and more time improving your design. (video: 4:30 min.)

Interactive Animations:

You can create complex and interactive visualizations of data right in the application. AutoCAD can convert your data into web-ready files, including files that can be embedded on a website or shared online. (video: 3:05 min.)

More Dynamic 3D:

There’s a new, native 3D viewer in AutoCAD, and the ribbon is more configurable and less dense. In addition, you can now use the right mouse button to temporarily hide non-model elements of your drawing. (video: 3:20 min.)

Vectorization Tools:

Improve productivity with better integration of 3D design tools, including a new brush for accurately adding and removing faces and more precise control over extrusion operations. (video: 3:35 min.)

Blindingly Easy Editing:

AutoCAD’s redesigned Visual Basic Editor (VBE) allows you to edit your drawings with the speed and simplicity of text editors. You can also create model elements in more places, and new applications let you create and edit your parametric shapes right inside the VBE. (video: 1:40 min.)

Revit 2020:

AutoCAD and Revit are now natively integrated. Whether you work in AutoCAD, Revit or both, you can use one toolset for your entire project, instead of having

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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