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AutoCAD 200 (1983).

Because AutoCAD is a commercial CAD program, the price is dependent on the level of functionality and the size of the installation. The most basic and feature-limited version of AutoCAD costs US$600, whereas some feature-rich and complex versions cost several thousand dollars. AutoCAD is sold on a subscription basis, which enables the user to install the program on up to three machines. It comes bundled with:

Download and install the latest version of the AutoCAD program. [1] Depending on the version, AutoCAD may be installed on a separate drive, on a partition on your primary hard drive, on a network drive, or it may be accessible from a network.

Open AutoCAD.

Open the application.

Create a document. [3] The number of AutoCAD documents varies with the version of AutoCAD. A document is a file with the.dwg or.dxf extension.

About the platform used for AutoCAD

AutoCAD is available for Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. Some features, such as a parametric feature, may be restricted on a per-platform basis. AutoCAD is also available as a virtual machine (VM) on Amazon’s EC2 cloud-computing platform.

A parametric feature in AutoCAD.

A parametric feature in AutoCAD.

Running AutoCAD on a computer

The primary user interface is an interface called the drawing window. This interface is shown in the image on the right.

The image on the left shows the standard screen where you work on the drawing window. On a desktop computer, these screens are shown in the Windows task bar (taskbar), or in a standard screen saver (screen-saver).


Depending on the version of AutoCAD and the platform, the drawing window has the following primary features and functionalities:

Palette: the tool palette. The palette is shown to the left of the drawing window. At the bottom of the palette is the property palette, which contains property pages. Properties are used to control various aspects of the drawing or the document. The property window is shown in the image above.

Data windows: data windows contain the drawing data or an external file (e.g. an AutoCAD drawing, a DWG, DXF, or

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the ability to measure and plot points on 2D and 3D drawings using the AutoCAD Plug-in Tools (AAPT) and AutoCAD’s add-on technology, thus allowing measurements of any part and any user.

The APIs, although supported by AutoCAD, are not required for use in AutoCAD applications.

AutoCAD uses native and native-look only technologies. Native technologies include XREF, the CIM code, APIs, XLOAD, XLIST, XML, DLL interfaces and so on. Native-look technologies include objects, properties, blocks, legends, edit meshes, extents, fit and so on.

All technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. The cost of using an API is small. With AutoCAD technology, the cost is large, since the user interface is rewritten. For example, if the user wants to graphically draw a waveform, the user would need to be able to draw vectors and points, and then make those points look like they were drawn by a waveform. The cost in developing a program to do this would be large. Another advantage of using an API is that it can be used in non-AutoCAD products such as, for example, Adobe Photoshop. In addition, with AutoCAD technology, the graphics can be tweaked and developed.

Several features do not involve the use of APIs, such as the ability to use layers, objects, blocks, edit meshes and so on. These are the same for any drafting application.

Autodesk Exchange Apps
Autodesk Exchange Apps are application add-ons for AutoCAD. They allow users to take advantage of functionality not normally available in AutoCAD to fulfill specific needs and/or build custom applications. These add-ons are developed and published by third parties. Developers must register to create an application, which can then be installed in AutoCAD. Most applications are free, although a few do require a license from AutoCAD. Developers can package their own add-ons in this way, and also publish a web application using the Internet Web Services API.

Every add-on must be individually approved by Autodesk before it can be published. However, it is possible to create a hack to publish, tweak and test an add-on without having to be registered. An add-on is usually considered to be approved once the add-on has been installed in AutoCAD and successfully used by a

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1. Autocad 2010 r1.1 download from Autodesk Autocad
2. Install autocad 2010 r1.1 using trial mode or login.
3. Launch Autocad and go to “settings” > “user data”.
4. Select “save to a file”.
5. This will generate a “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Autocad\ecad.ini” file.
6. Copy “ecad.ini” from “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Autocad\ecad.ini” to
“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Autocad 2010\R19\1033\Personal\ecad.ini”.


This project made possible thanks to:

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– Steve S., Sales

What’s New In?

“Import” and “Assist” are new user-defined command names in the New menu.

“Import” creates a new drawing for your drawing that contains all the drawings and graphics you import. “Assist” lets you quickly add marks to a drawing, interactively or using your tablet. Both new commands are available in the new AutoCAD Graphics Tools for iPad.

Live Shape Editing:

Automatically tag live shapes to avoid errors in handling and editing. The new Live Shape Tools introduced in AutoCAD 2019 release let you edit a live shape, while a pointer on the live shape (LST) guides you to a corner of the shape. This is much more efficient and intuitive than using the standard Edit tool, requiring you to hover over a corner.

Tagging an existing polygon or circle and editing live shapes inside the drawing using the Live Shape Tools enables you to update existing drawings with small edits quickly.

The new Live Shape Tools are now available in AutoCAD 2020 Release.

Graphics Viewer:

AutoCAD now comes with a new graphics viewer in the AutoCAD 2020 Release that contains a rich set of advanced functionality. This viewer supports the full AutoCAD 2023 release and is compatible with the new line integration capabilities of AutoCAD 2020 Release. It offers a full image browser and image browsing and zooming capabilities. With the graphics viewer, you can import and load graphics (e.g. shaders, meshes, ortho views, 360 panoramas, AutoCAD DWG drawings, or other bitmap and vector formats), have them organized and stored for future use, and display and edit them interactively. You can also build 3D models or use image-based techniques for rendering. The graphics viewer also lets you share and store your own graphics in the cloud.

The graphics viewer is available in the AutoCAD 2020 Release and as part of the new AutoCAD Graphics Tools for iPad.

Use of AutoCAD Graphics Tools

AutoCAD Graphics Tools for iPad:

Use the new AutoCAD Graphics Tools for iPad to create, edit, and annotate AutoCAD drawings and other graphics. The new graphics viewer can be used to view your AutoCAD drawings or graphics in the cloud or on your desktop computer. You can annotate, label, and add interactive text to AutoCAD drawings using the integrated drawing tablet. (video: 3

System Requirements:

Compatibility: PC – Windows 7/8, Mac – OS X 10.10+
OS: Microsoft Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.10+
Processor: Intel Core i5/i7, AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB or AMD equivalent.
Hard Drive: At least 6 GB
Additional Notes: HDD must be formated in NTFS