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Align 3gx Anleitung Deutsch Pdf Download [UPD]

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Align 3gx Anleitung Deutsch Pdf Download

the polar alignment assistant tool can be used to polar align an ioptron skywatcher nexstar 3 and a celestron nexstar 6. the tool can also be used to polar align orion sky-watcher, celestron nexstar, and orion/skywatcher telescopes. the tool is useful in applications that are not capable of performing a full polar alignment. once aligned, you can use the tool to set the offsets for your existing mount and other mounts of your telescope. an integrated logger can be used to record any adjustments made to the mounts.

note: for celestron nexstar, orion/skywatcher synscan, ioptron gotonova, and servocat telescope controllers, tapping the align button stores the offset between the telescope’s reported position and the selected object’s position. it subtracts that offset from the telescope’s reported position whenever the telescope is within 10 degrees of the object you aligned on. in other words, skysafari performs a local sync around the alignment target. if you move the telescope to a very different part of the sky, you may want to align on a target in that part of the sky. also note that the telescope’s ra/dec reported by skysafari will differ from the ra/dec reported by its hand controller (since skysafari is applying the alignment offset to the telescope’s reported position.)

if you are away from stellarmate or pc, you can use your tablet to monitor the camera feed while making corrections. use the stellarmate’s web-based vnc viewer or use any vnc client on your tablet to access stellarmate. if ekos is running on your pc, you can use applications like teamviewer to achieve the same results. the following is a video demonstrating how to utilize the polar alignment assistant tool.

If you have selected a particular target in SkySafari, you can change that target if you would like. This will cause SkySafari to recalculate the number of orbits that are displayed in the main screen for that target. After you’ve selected a new target, SkySafari will prompt you to align. After you’ve aligned, SkySafari will update its display of asteroids and comets, and will give the number of orbits that have been updated, e.g. “1 comet orbit update.” If that number is zero, SkySafari is probably having trouble finding orbits for your target, since it’s probably located in a part of the sky that SkySafari doesn’t have a lot of data for. SkySafari will offer to align your telescope to a different star, and you can then select that star in the main screen. Open Stellarium, and make sure that your telescope is pointed at the same star as indicated in SkySafari. Don’t worry – we’re going to change that soon. If the first star you see on Stellarium is not the one indicated in SkySafari, tap it until the star is highlighted in red and selected. Now, in SkySafari, tap the Align button. It will search for the best alignment target for you, and ask you if you’re pointing the telescope at that target. Tap OK to say yes. SkySafari will tap a star in the sky whose coordinates it has stored. The telescope will make its best attempt to align. It may take a few seconds for the telescope to “center” itself on the star or star field that is currently highlighted. Once the star is centered, you will see the message “The telescope is aligned.” in the upper-left corner of the main screen. 5ec8ef588b