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Active Share Monitor is a lightweight and useful tool designed to monitor your shared files, thus preventing unauthorised access. When a user remotely opens shared files on your computer, application detects it and displays information about that file.
All details will be logged to file for further analysis. Also you can add computers to blacklist to block access your shared files. You can specify hotkey for application for quick access to necessary information about sessions or opened files.









Active Share Monitor [Win/Mac]

* The most lightweight application of its kind *
* Monitor your shared files *
* Detect access to shared files in real time *
* Display file name and information *
* Prevent access to shared files by adding computers to black list *
* Collect and save all information to files in log format *
* Easy to install and easy to use *
* Support windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 *
* Add computers to blacklist by typing the desired IP address *
* Customizable hotkeys *
* Detailed help in Help file *
* Open Source project *
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Why use Active Share Monitor?

– You want to know who is accessing your files.

– You want to monitor your network shares without need to monitor network traffic.

– You want to be able to deny access to your files without manual intervention.

– You want to see information about each new file or session in real time.

– You want to record all of this information in a log file.

– You want to monitor and analyze the data in a more detailed and efficient way than log files.

– You want to see all the computers on the network with which you have access and which of them you have access to.

– You want to monitor and block access to your shared files by certain computers or by your administrator, so that they do not accidentally or intentionally access your data.

– You want to generate real-time statistics about how many people are accessing your files, and what files and computers they are accessing.

– You want to be able to deny access to your files by blocking computers from accessing them.

– You want to monitor and prevent any changes to your shared files.

– You want to save all of this information to a log file for later analysis.

– You want to display the name of the file or session being accessed, and the name of the computer on which it was accessed.

– You want to run Active Share Monitor from the command line.

– You want to be able to run Active Share Monitor on remote computers, without having to physically run it on the computer from which you want to view shared files.

– You want to be able to define hotkeys for using Active Share Monitor.

– You want to be able to define a different hotkey for each computer.

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The program can be used by IT managers to monitor and block network access to open files shared by users.
A person can open a file with your name or specify your username with just one mouse click and is not required to use your login and password. The program has a list of IT administrators who have the ability to block shared files on your computer. In this list, you can choose the administrators who can view or control the access to the files.
You can specify a hotkey for quicker access to the file information or the administrator list.
What’s new in version
– Support for Windows 2000 and NT 4.0
– Enhanced the Administrator list filter and changed language to support other languages
– In the Administrator List filter, you can specify the number of last modified files
What’s new in version
– Support for Windows 2000 and NT 4.0
– Added notification that tells you when one file that you shared has been opened remotely
– Added notification to the file list when another file opened remotely has been closed
What’s new in version
– The program displays the list of the shared files on the top panel
– The Administrator list displays the list of the IT administrators who have permission to access the shared files
What’s new in version
– Removed the UAC notification
– Removed the “Unassigned” Administrator list
What’s new in version
– Added basic support for Windows NT 4.0
– Added protection from keyboard interrupts
– Added additional notifications
– Added blacklist of remote accesses
What’s new in version 0.8.3:
– Added notification when new files that you shared are opened remotely
What’s new in version 0.8.2:
– Added notification when files that you shared are closed remotely
What’s new in version 0.8.1:
– Added host file blacklist
– Fixed issues with Administrator list filters
What’s new in version 0.8.0:
– Added options for Administrator list filters
– Added option to hide the list of IT Administrators
– Added blacklist for files shared by IT administrators
– Added notification of opened files shared by IT administrators
What’s new in version 0.7.1:
– Added additional notifications
– Fixed issues with Administrator list filters
– Fixed layout issue
What’s new

Active Share Monitor Free

by Q.Clark
The active share monitor is a nice tool that I didn’t know about until I recently learned it existed. It basically monitors your shared files (as well as your BitTorrent download sessions) and highlights any file that has been opened remotely.
It works in a very nice manner:

When you launch the application, it immediately shows you any activity on your shared files. Here’s an example screenshot:

Each entry in the list shows the date and time the file was accessed (including number of bytes transferred in each session), the user making the access, and the shared filename (including the URL).

Now you can instantly see when any of your shared files was accessed remotely. Not only does this allow you to quickly identify files that may have been accessed by somebody else, but it also allows you to check if your kids, co-workers, roommates or friends accessed any of your files.

It will also allow you to see if anybody was sharing with you and, if so, who. From this, you can prevent any of your personal files from being shared with others.

I also found the application very fast. The program is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP and Vista and is a free download (although I was not able to locate any copy in the Windows Live Essentials distribution).

Finally, if you don’t want to see the information displayed, you can uncheck the “Display activity” option in the settings.

A nice feature I particularly like is that you can have it automatically run at start-up and open files that it finds remotely. This may give you some peace of mind when it comes to shared files.

The only downside to the application is that it doesn’t automatically refresh the information. When a file is closed, the history will disappear from the list, even if you have a “Display activity” checkbox enabled.

There is a related application called AccessMinder which is designed to help you monitor your personal files. AccessMinder is a Windows utility that can monitor your shared files (or any files you put in a specified folder), alert you of any access, and automatically open the file for you. It will even give you the URL of the file being accessed.

I like AccessMinder’s simplicity as it doesn’t display any information about files that have been accessed, but I didn’t have

What’s New In Active Share Monitor?

— Major Release: 1.0.0

— Minor Release: 1.1.0

— Date Release: 2/3/2014

— Developer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

— Project: Active Share Monitor

— Version: 1.0.0

— Download:

— Source:

Other information:

— Homepage:

— Project source:

— Mailing list:

— Donations:

— Source code:


[*] Application: Active Share Monitor

[*] Version: 1.0.0

[*] File Name: asm_win32_1.0.0.exe

[*] Hash: f8517e1d1197c5b7be5b60094c2d8e6c

[*] Date: 03/03/2014

[*] Time: 23:19:29

[*] Bytes: 1046228

[*] Writer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

[*] Filesize: 4648256

[*] md5: 5b6fc11ad78e7438a2c3de64f9828bb0

[*] Writer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

[*] Filesize: 4648256

[*] md5: fcf98b45f43c6bc8d863f29e2d2ebf7b

[*] Writer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

[*] Filesize: 4648256

[*] md5: 7ff2c3a7e6e3d42afda16d9e66ea4c4b

[*] Writer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

[*] Filesize: 4648256

[*] md5: 6edbd78b01862c6a7b5f5a4ca5f77bb2

[*] Writer: Denis V. Ovsyankin

[*] Filesize: 4648256

[*] md5: 14b76ce0166dc899dfb8f72f95e8fe9b

System Requirements For Active Share Monitor:

This is a Windows based game. If you’re using Windows 7, then you don’t need any upgrade.
If you’re using Windows 8, then you can either use the current version of the game or run the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode.
Click here to download the game and read the installation instructions.
Using the C2 Keywords:
If you would like to use the C2 keywords with this map, download the
C2 Keywords map from here.
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